hukaige created new topic Can WT produce spin- resolved edge states of 2D TIs?.
2021-10-21 03:52:17
Dear Dr. Wu, Can WannierTools produce the spin-&lt;S&lt;sub&gt;z&lt;/sub&gt;&gt; resolved edge states of 2D topological insulators? One example is the Edge Spin DOS of 1T’ NbRhTe&lt;sub&gt;4&lt;/sub&gt; shown in Fig. 2 of <a href="">Nano Letters 17, 467 (2016)</a>. We want to do such calculations since they should be helpful to distinguish the complex edge states appears in our system. However, we failed to find a solution from the WT documentation. If not currently, is it possible to modify the source code slightly to make WT able to output the data of edge spin DOS of a 2D TI? I would be grateful if a solution can be provided. Thank you for your attention. Best regards, Kaige Hu
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