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WannierTools is an open source software that studies the physical properties of given tight-binding model. WannierTools is released under the GPL v3

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Latest news
April 2021
Added several functionalities
1. Support sparse stored tight-binding Hamiltonian for large systems
2. Calculate Landau level in E-B (Hofstadter butterfly) and E-k mode. 
3. Added a tool to generate the tight-binding model for commensurate twisted graphene systems (N+M)

December 2019

Added functionality to unfold energy band from the BZ of a supercell to the BZ of a target cell. [TBG example]

October 2019

Added functionality to study the ordinary magnetoresistance of a non-magnetic semimetal or metal with given magnetic field direction [MR theory]

October 2018

Added a tool to symmetrize the tight-binding model after the construction of Wannier functions.

Downloads and cites

The source is shared on github, you can obtained here. Online documentation is here. You can open questions in this forum.

Please cite

WannierTools: An open-source software package for novel topological materials

QuanSheng Wu, ShengNan Zhang, Haifeng Song, Matthias Troyer and Alexey Soluyanov,

Computer Physics Communications 224, 405 (2018)[Journal | arXiv]

Additional packages

ir2tb – An additional package to calculate irreducible representations of electronic states in a tight-binding Hamiltonian.

Download: https://github.com/zjwang11/irvsp/blob/master/src_ir2tb_v1.tar.gz

For more details of the code, please refer to the appendix of the following reference.

Jiacheng Gao, Quansheng Wu, Clas Persson, Zhijun Wang, arXiv:2002.04032 (2020)